Omega Zodia:active rule
- 2017/01/17 -


Omega Zodia:active rule


Omega Zodia 

Omega zodiac:active rule
1) player reaches 80, and join a guild;
2) by the president, vice president and supreme worship to enter the territory, it was occupied by capturing territory flag;
3) occupied territory flag over ten minutes, have not been taken away, the guild territory wars victory, succeeded in occupying that territory.
Award winner:
1, a large number of characters and guilds contribution experience;
2, regular income can be harvested territory;
3, in this territory hook and meditation can get additional revenue.
Loser award:
1, a little contribution to the guild and the characters experience.
Fighting benefits:
1, in the territory battle, each player will get a period of time people experience
2, kill other guild activities players can get points until the end of the war activities in the territory, the higher the points players can get more honor awards.


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